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French Bulldog -Promise Land
Boston Terrier -Promise Land
Promise Land Puppy.
King Charles Cavalier -Promise Land

Our Mission - Produce High-Quality Puppies that are a worthy example of their breed.  We strive for great health combined with loving temperaments.  Promise Land  LLC is a licensed dog kennel in the State of Maryland which is inspected by Anne Arundel County Animal Control.  This is a family business located in Pasadena, Maryland and you must make an appointment to visit. Promise Land was established breeding Golden's in 2007. Promise Land has more than one breeder and each has their own specialty. Thanks to my daughters we know included Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles. Please note most dogs live in Guardian homes. 


 Each dog deserves a loving home and this is the reason we use Guardians. Our breeding adults have a normal dog life going for walks, swimming, sleeping in beds and some goto work with their Guardians daily. We have an outstanding vet that provides vet care yearly to our adult dogs Alexander Animal Hospital. Puppy raising is done with many people. So the puppies also get the attention they need.


Our eyes are always looking to the future, designing a great genetic composition to improve our future litters.  Our dogs descend with a focus on Health, Champion Pedigrees, Great dispositions, Longevity of lives, Confirmation, and overall quality.  Our puppies are the result of careful and selective breeding, incorporating genetic testing to ensure optimum pairings. Providing beautiful puppies with stunning conformation and wonderful temperaments is that for which we strive.  While placing puppies into loving homes is first and foremost; maintaining and achieving a quality of excellence is our ultimate goal. We have been breeding since 2007 and now some of our own lines are on 4th generation dogs.


Affiliations:  Trupanion Insurance, GRCA, AKC Breeder with Heart, Pennhip, OFA, EYE CERF, DNA Test Preformed, Paw Prints Genetics,  Embark genetics, NuVet and (Also working with rescues and helping animals find new homes. Please see the Golden Retriever Rescues button on our website for information if you are not looking for a puppy).

We are a serious breeder and a dedicated breeder, we understand family situations change. If for any reason you are unable to keep the dog we ask that you give us a chance to find a new loving home.


There is nothing more exciting than a puppy.  Bonding with a puppy, molding it into your family, can never be done too soon!


Promise Land

We love Pawtree and feed to our dogs and puppies. Press link below. 

Pawtree- treats

Free 30 day Coverage.  Provided with puppy. 

Dog Insurance

Bernies Perfect Poop!

This works wonderful taking your puppy home when they are nervous or anytime the dog gets a GI upset.
This contains Pre and Pro Biotics, Enzymes for digestion as well as extra fiber to firm stool. 
PROMISELAND20 is our discount code. 

The Institute for Responsible Technology Pets and GMOs.  Promise Land Goldens puppies & our daughter on the program.
Promise Land Golden Retriever therapy dog .

Promise Lands
Fire House Dog

Angel one of our puppies

on WBAL TV with

Dr. Hammond.  2019

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.42.39
Promise Land Golden Retriever
One of our Service dogs for a wonderful special girl. We don't train but are so happy we could provide the dog.
Promise Land Golden Retriever Service dog.
Promise Land Golden Retriever Service dog .
Promise Land Golden Retriever Service dog .
Promise Land Golden Retriever Service dog .
If you are looking for a wonderful cause to support, please consider donating to Hero Dogs, which is a non-profit corporation for disabled veterans.

Service Dogs for our America Hero's. Please see some of our stars training at Hero Dogs.
Promise Land Golden Retriever therapy dog.
Promise Land Golden Retriever therapy dog.
Holly became a dog for a Counseling Facility. She helps people with Anxiety, Depression and Grief or Loss.

The Instagram photos are fun to see and follow. They will give you ideas used for the socialization of your own puppy to follow. This will also teach you a bit about what service dog training entails.

Golden Retriever
Boston Puppies
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Golden Retriever Puppies
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