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Money-Saving Tips to Give Your Senior Dog the Special Care He Needs

Written by Nick Burton


When you love your dog like family, you do everything you can to keep them happy and healthy. But just like humans, dogs slow down with age, and it may take a little extra attention to help them feel their best. Many pet parents worry that the extra attention their senior dog needs also means added expenses. Care expenses can add up, but we’re here to help you save money on everything your senior dog needs.


#1  Save Money on Supplies


Many senior dogs develop arthritis, which leaves them with achy joints and makes it harder for them to get around. Your vet may recommend treatments to relieve pain, such as acupuncture or massage, along with medication and supplements. You can also help keep them comfortable at home by getting an orthopedic bed, pet stairs, and a harness that helps with movement.


Many older dogs have a harder time eating dry kibble and need to switch to soft food. Older dogs are also more sensitive to temperature, so you may need to provide extra warmth in the winter and a cooling mat in the summer. Whatever your older dog’s special needs are, you can save money on supplies by shopping smart. Many of the supplies you need can be found at major retailers like Walmart, and when you shop online, it’s easy to find Walmart promo codes to get cash back. The great thing about cash back is that it gives you money you can put toward other pet supplies or that you can save for future expenses.


You may be surprised by how many of your regular pet supplies you can also find online at a discount. Another way to save money when shopping online is to shop off-season to get things like sweaters or heated pads when they’re on sale.


#2  Stay On Top of Preventive Care


All dogs need regular veterinary exams, and, of course, it’s normal for senior dogs to have health issues that younger dogs don’t. But when you stay current on their vaccines, checkups, and home care, you can help prevent certain medical issues and even catch them early. This is best for your pet’s health, and it saves money by avoiding unnecessary trips to the vet.


You can be proactive about your dog’s health by keeping an eye out for signs of common medical issues. According to The Daily Wag, you should call your vet if your dog has any of these symptoms: incontinence or changes in bathroom habits, changes in appetite or thirst, shortness of breath, limping, lumps, or behavior changes. Getting a diagnosis from your vet as soon as your dog shows any symptoms allows you to intervene early.


It’s also a good idea to step up your home care. Senior dogs are more susceptible to dental issues, and these can even lead to other health problems. Cleaning your senior dog’s teeth at home is an easy and affordable way to prevent these issues and avoid the need for costlier treatment. 


Your older dog also has special grooming needs. Instead of expensive trips to the groomers, you can groom them at home to save money. Make sure you trim their nails and clean their ears too - trimmed nails make mobility easier, and clean ears help keep infections away.


#3  Low And No-Cost Care 


There are plenty of other inexpensive and free things you can do at home to keep them healthier and happier. Help prevent obesity by finding ways they can stay active. If your pup can no longer run and jump, save money and make DIY chew toysfrom items you have around the house. Vetstreet recommends keeping their mind healthy by introducing them to new experiences - check out a new park or create your own scent game.


These inexpensive things you can do will help your dog feel like a young pup again. Older dogs may have different needs, but their overall goal in life is the same - to enjoy your love and affection. With these money-savings tips, you can give your pup everything they need to stay comfortable and age gracefully. 


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