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Promise Land appreciates all our Guardian Home's  

Thank you for your interest in our guardian/foster home process. These basically mean the same.  We think we have a program where you win, our dogs win, and we win.  So everybody is a winner.  We are so thankful for our guardian homes and are always in need of those interested in the program so that we can continue the successful breeding program, without ever having to kennel raise a dog.  This is a great opportunity for a person or family to enjoy a pick of the litter; that is of the highest standards of the breed.  You will find these dogs are the best of the best.  


We are always on the lookout for those pups which meet the mark to be part of our breeding program. These great dogs join our guardian families at a great price (no cost).  The dog becomes a loving part of your family and Promise Land Goldens & French Bull Dogs & Cavalier King Charles maintains exclusive rights for breeding with unlimited access.  Once a dog is retired from the guardian program paperwork will be provided transferring ownership from Promise Land Goldens & French Bull Dogs to the Guardian family. 

It does take commitment and a willingness to be flexible to the needs of the breeding program.  However, we believe the rewards of a "cream of the crop" puppy or dog are well worth the effort. Of course there are requirements set forth in the agreement that must be followed for obvious reasons.  Hence, the need for the breeder to find just the right home. 

The benefits of our program to:

​1. Promise Land Goldens & French Bull Dogs & Cavalier King Charles We believe that puppies or dogs are best served without a need to be kennel raised.  Dogs are social animals that adore their families and want to be with them, involved in their daily lives and participating as loved members of the family.  By placing them in a home environment from the time they are puppies, or by placing as a young adult, we are doing our best to ensure their happiness and best start in life.  We never have to kennel raise a dog by utilizing guardian homes.  We feel this approach, and how it works in our breeding program, is truly that win, win, win mentioned earlier.

​2. Guardians:  In essence, you get a top quality Golden Retriever or French Bull Dog all you invest is a little time for bringing the dog to us, or arranging to have the dog picked up, when we need it for testing or breeding.

​3. Goldens & French Bull Dogs & Cavalier King Charles We know each dog has a loving home from the time they are young and become a cherished member of their guardian families.  As mentioned we benefit as a breeder because we do not need to utilize kennels and our dogs enjoy a higher quality of life.  The number of Promise Land Goldens & French Bull Dogs & Cavalier King Charles living at our property is limited to that quantity that can be comfortably part of our family, easily managed in our own home. 


The basics of our Guardian Program:

There are always a lot of questions that people have about the guardian program, and we’ve tried to anticipate and answer them below.  Hopefully this info doesn't overwhelm you.  We’d rather address all the questions right upfront than to have someone feel like they weren't aware of how the program works.  In all honesty, it's a very simple program even though it may seem like a lot of details.  Let us know if you have any other questions.

Are there any requirements for my home’s location or set up?

1. We ask that you live within an hour of Pasadena, Maryland.

2. Families own their own home and have a fenced in yard. an

3. Families should keep in mind that our dogs should not be left outside if they are not at home.


What guidelines do I have to follow when raising the puppy or dog?

​1.  The family needs to feed one of the Premium Dog Foods we require. The family must keep their dog on NuVet Vitamins.  We are advocates of healthy nutrition for our dogs, and for feeding foods that will not cause health issues down the road.  

​2.  We ask the family to avoid all chemicals unless necessary.

​3. If the dog becomes sick or injured, families must notify us right away so we are involved in all decisions regarding the treatment of the dog.  In many cases we can save the family a lot of money if it is a simple issue, and in other situations the treatment may need to be specific if the dog is pregnant or is going to be bred soon.

​4. We ask the family to practice safe handling of the dog.  Don't let the dog sit in the back of an open pickup, use a leash in public, and provide basic obedience training so the dog develops/maintains good manners.  All these things should be done to protect your dog.   

​5.  The guardian home is responsible either for the transportation of the dog to us, or arranging for us to pick up the dog for the initial health certifications and testing (takes place between 1-2 years of age), also for breeding.   

​What age do you start breeding the dog?

Each breed is different and stops growing at a different time. The breeds obtain there chic clearance for breeding at different ages depending on bred. 

​​How long is our Pet with you when you breed?

​1.  The Guardian family must notify us immediately as soon as they are aware the female dog is in heat.  We will work to coordinate for her to be picked up by about day 5 - 7 of the heat cycle.  When breeding occurs depending on distance and timing we find that sometimes it is best for us to keep the female a few days. 

​2.  Male dogs may be in our home about 5-7 days for a mating.


The Whelping process is worked out with Guardians on an individual family basis.

What happens during pregnancy and what do I have to do differently with the dog?

​1.   Pregnancy is actually very easy.  The dog may act a little more tired, or not eat normally for a few weeks.  The last couple weeks of pregnancy she usually becomes much hungrier and sleeps more as time progresses. Otherwise, normal activity is typical and it is important to continue with walking the dog right up to the end.  This helps during delivery.  Being in shape is always best.  Normal play and romping and running during the first half of pregnancy is great.  After that, we limit activity to walks on a leash and no ball chasing type of activities.  Many of our dogs participate in therapy programs until the last 3 weeks in pregnancy. Guardians are not aloud to give a pregnant female any products with high calcium. ( milk, ice cream, yogurt, extra) When females are pregnant this causes contractions and put's the female in pre mature labor. 

​2.   No chemicals may be given during pregnancy.  We suggest no vaccinations when possible during this time.  If there is an illness or injury we ask to be involved in determining how she is treated. Frontline Plus is the only flea and tick preventive tested not to harm puppies. Heart guard can also be given to prevent Heart Worms. This is all that can be used on the females. 


What happens if the puppy/dog gets sick or injured while in the guardian home's care?

​While the dog is in your care any illness or injury, not related to the breeding program, is the Guardian family’s responsibility, just as it would be for your pet if it were not part of the guardian program.  We need to be involved in knowing what is going on and determining medications, but the family is responsible for those expenses (not associated with breeding).  We have the dog’s best interest at heart and ask that you consult with us if something pops up. 

If you are negligent and the dog is lost or dies when in your care we will ask for you to be responsible for Promise Land Goldens’ financial loss.  If you are caring for the dog in a responsible way this shouldn't be a problem.  We recognize that bad things can happen to anybody.  Fortunately, we have never had a serious injury or loss to any dog in our guardian program. 


What expenses do we pay for and what things does the breeder pay for?

​1.   The guardian home pays for any normal care items for the dog.  Food, dishes, leashes, beds, normal vaccinations, flea & tick treatments, heart worm, de-worming, toys, etc.  Those normal expenses one would have with any pet.​

2.   We pay for all expenses related to health certifications, testing for breeding purposes, all breeding and litter expenses. ​

How many litters do you usually breed before retiring the dog?

This is difficult to say.  If a female’s uterus prolapses it is not good to breed her any longer and that female is retired.  If we decide that a mom has an inordinate amount of difficulty with her labor we may decide to retire her. So the number of litters depends on each individual case. 


Who pays for the spay?

If the dog passes all breeding requirements we decide when we will spay them and retire them. 

​We pay for the Spay.  This is usually about 2 months after her last litter of puppies is weaned. 

What happens if the dog doesn't pass a health test like you want them to for becoming a breeding dog?

​Our standards are very high.  Remember, that breeding quality and pet quality are two different things.  Just because a dog may not be the best breeding candidate doesn't mean she/he isn’t the perfect pet. We aren’t bashful about removing dogs from our program.  If we release your dog from the breeding program, it must be spayed or neutered by the Guardian.   You will still have a highest quality dog as part of your family for only the normal costs of having a pet.  

​What if I have a male guardian dog?

​Male guardian dogs are usually used for breeding after 12-18 months.  We ask that you make the dog available for breeding.  

What happens if we join the guardian home for a quality breeding dog but don’t intend to honor the breeding contract?

​We make a great commitment emotionally and financially to our Guardian Dog partners.  We ask that you only enter into our guardian program if you are willing to make the same level of commitment to the dog and to us.  We don't intend to be controlling or intrusive into a family’s life.  We consider our dogs and owners like extended family and enjoy the extra interaction we have with them in the guardian program. Unfortunately, we have been forced to remove dogs from their Guardian homes in instances where families chose not to adhere to the Guardian Program agreement. We have found that some want the dog but have no intentions of honoring the tenants of the Guardian Program. The Dog becomes the Guardians at the completion of the agreement. So therefore the Guardian will sign a legal contract agreeing to the terms. 

We want to work with you and for this to be a win, win, win for all involved.  We work hard to select the best of the best of our dogs for our guardian homes.   If you are willing to make an honest commitment to us and our breeding program we will be very flexible and will do all we can to make this program work for you and our Promise Land Goldens & French Bull Dogs & Cavalier King Charles.  Three fourths of the dogs on this website are in Guardian homes.

We are very fair and reasonable and want to work with you to make this a win, win and win situation for all of us.  We hope that you will consider partnering with us and can provide contact information for other participating in the Guardian program if you have additional questions.

If you are interested in applying for our Guardian Home Program, contact us at:


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