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Promise Land's Lulu

Bred By Lori Froderman, The owner Promise Land Golden's

Resides in Guardian/Foster home with her sister.

 French Bulldog Blue Brindle Lulu
Registry Name:  
Promise Land's Lulu

Call Name: LuLu

Lulu is considered a Blue/Brindle Female French Bulldog.

Carries testable:

B Locus - Gray hair and skin (Bb)
D Locus - Diluted pigmentation. Dark areas of hair and skin are lightened (dd) 
E Locus - Can have a melanistic mask (EmEm)
K Locus - More likely to have a mostly solid coat (KBky)
S Locus - Likely to have little to no white in coat (SS)

Lulu carries  - 

Tan Points
2 copies of  Mask

Lulu's mother was a Hungarian Import
Lulu's father was a Hungarian Isabelle

Lulu was cleared of over 160 genetic diseases by Embark. 

AKC: NP66960701  
DOB: Oct 26, 2020

Eye: Normal
PennHip: Rt.56  /Lt.49
OFA- Fair- 
Elbows: Normal OFA 
Patella: Lt  1

Heart: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Dentation: Full
Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: Clear
PRA: Clear
Hyperuricosuria (HU) Bladder Stones : Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

Weight: 24 lbs                       

Chic: 175497

Lulu has turned out to be a sweet lovable dog.  She is happy to great everyone she see's.

Lulu lives with a fantastic Guardian family who adore her. 

French Bulldog Blue Brindle Lulu
French Bulldog Blue Brindle Lulu
French Bulldog Blue Brindle Lulu
Dora French Bulldog Blue Brindle

Mother Blue / Brindle

Hungarian Import

 French Bulldog

Father Hungarian Isabelle 

Lulu & Solis

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