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Zaffira von Bad-Bull

Owned By, Lori Froderman

Registry Name:  Zaffira von Bad-Bull

Call Name: Dori

Dori descends from Hungry.

Dori is considered a Blue/Brindle French Bull Dog.  She showcases an elegant deep blue coat with beautiful brindle striping. 

She carries testable: 
B Locus- Gray hair and skin (BB)

D Locus -Diluted pigmentation. Dark areas of hair and skin are lightened (dd) 
A Locus - Not expressed (Ayat)

E Locus-Can have a melanistic mask (EmEm)
K Locus - More likely to have a mostly solid coat (KBky)
S Locus - Likely to have little to no white in coat (SS)

She carries -
Tan Points
2 Copies of  Mask

Dori was cleared of over 160 genetic diseases by Embark. 

AKC: NP50402805
FCI: MET.Fr.Bull.5806/17

DOB: Aug 06, 2016

We purchased Dori a bit older and pregnant.

Soft Palate Normal, NO narrowing of the airway checked, Nares Normal
Patellas: Normal
Heart: Normal
Dentation: Full
Thyroid: Normal
Genetics Embark 
Canine Multifocal Retinopathy: Carrier-Bred to clear males 
PRA-CRD4/CORD1(C4): Clear
Hyperuricosuria (HU) Bladder Stones : Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

Weight: 25 lbs                         Height: 12 inch
DNA: V965671

We received Dori when she was older at four years of age.  She is a sweet wonderful girl with a personality to make you smile.  Dori loves to greet everyone.  Her sweet daughters will be taking over for her soon. 

Dori is a true mother gets so upset if she hears babies crying on TV.
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