Zaffira von Bad-Bull

Owned By, Lori Froderman

Registry Name:  Zaffira von Bad-Bull
Call Name: Dori
Dori is from European Lines and descends from Hungry.
Dori is a standard size French Bull Dog and is considered a Blue/Brindle French Bull Dog.  She is from Hungarian lines and showcases an elegant deep blue coat with beautiful brindle striping that appears once the Blue/Brindle puppies reach 2-5 weeks in age.
She carries testable: BB, dd, SS, EmEm, KBky
The DNA of a Blue French Bulldog will check out at (BB, dd).
Their DNA is unique and that’s what gives them their unique coloring that many people admire.
Dori does not carry Merle, Harlequin, Saddle Tan or A Locus traits.
French Bulldogs feature a distinct coloring and vibrant eyes.
AKC:   Paperwork being processed
FCI: MET.Fr.Bull.5806/17
DOB: Aug 06, 2016
We purchased Dori a bit older and pregnant.
Patellas: Normal
Heart: Normal
Dentation: Full
Thyroid: Normal
Genetics Redone by Lori Froderman
Eye Canine Multifocal Retinopathy:1 Variant 
Dori only bred to clear males 
EYE PRA: Clear
Urate Kidney & Bladder Stones: Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear
Chondrodystrophy with Invertvertebal Disc: 2 Variant
In some breeds, this variant is found in nearly all dogs.
IVDD there are other genetic and environmental factors (such as weight, mobility, and family history) that contribute to an individual dog’s risk of developing.  
Chondrodystrophy (CDDY) refers to the relative proportion between a dog’s legs and body, wherein the legs are shorter and the body longer. For CDDY, dogs with one copy of this variant may have mild proportional differences in their leg length. Dogs with two copies of this variant will often have visually longer bodies and shorter legs.
I contacted genetic labs to ask about this. In french bulls  28% have one copy of IVDD, 68% have two copies of IVDD and they believe less than 3% in the world have no copies of IVDD.
Weight: 25 lbs                         Height: 12 inch

We received Dori when she was older at four years of age.  She is a sweet wonderful girl with a personality to make you smile.  Dori loves to greet everyone.


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