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Lily is one of our special Golden's. Lily was born with a sight impairment due to underdeveloped eyes. She was given to a very special family. When she is full grown her lens of her eyes will be replaced to repair her sight. We are working with her owner to and funding her surgery.  We thank you the Suit family for your love for Lily.  Lily periodically accompanies Jim when he visits his mom at her assisted living center.  The other residents are drawn to her, typically gathering in a circle around Lily and taking turns calling her so they could have an individual opportunity to cuddle/pet her.

 Simba and Lilly are best buddies! They so love each other. Lily lives down the street from her brother Simba and they play together almost every day. 

 Simba of the Wofsey Family

Suki of the Payne Family

Phoebe of the Hill Family

Finley of the Nordeen Family

Learning the ropes.

Kaia of the Derco Family

Tiki of the Kohler Family

Willow of the Gordon Family

Bo Duke of the Lembach Family

Lexi of the Peters Family

Hera of the Terrence Family

Hera 1yr  12-23-16

Moose of the Gordon Family

Moose is now a therapy dog

bringing joy to many people

Finn of the Maenen Family

Volley with Betsy and Bill

Scout of the Bell Family

 The Poulk Family

Milo & Gunnar with Amy

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