Kassie of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU



Retired - Spayed

Kassie of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU


Ripley- Daughter

Cassidy- Daughter

Violet- Granddaughter Daughter 

These girls took over for Kassie. 

AKC: SR57058306           DOB: May 21, 2009


Heart: Normal OFA-GR-CA-18811/17F/C-Nopi

Eye: Normal OFA-GR-EYE5924/64F-VPI

Hips: Excellent OFA-GR-104258E28F-VPI

Elbows: Normal OFA-GR-EL2528F28-VPI

Thyroid: Normal OFA-GR-TH-2236/34F-VPI

prcd-PRA: Clear

PRA1: Clear

COI 10 Generation: 8.95%

COI 12 Generation: 13.08%

Ichthyosis: Carrier 



Weight: 60lbs         Height: 21inches


DNA: V718076    

Kassie was chosen to be apart of our kennel because of her incredible pedigree, perfect health clearances, stunning looks, established temperament and intelligence. She has "Excellent" hips, perfect elbows, eyes, heart and thyroid. Kassie falls in the top 10% of all Golden Retrievers tested which is amazing. Her weight is 69lbs and stands 22 inches. She is from a moderate energy line and moderate bone structure. Her beautiful creamy, white coat and dark pigmentation  makes her sought after.


Kassie is in our therapy program. She is a trained therapy dog and we hope many will enjoy her for years to come. I thank Jennifer Lyons our professional trainer for all her hard work and dedication in helping us fulfill our goals at Promise Land Goldens. Kassie's daughter Skylar and Ripley are also trained therapy dogs. Her granddaughter Violet has enter the therapy program as well.

Kassie loves to play from morning to night.  She is our toy collector always looking for the next ball to be tossed.  Her personality is loving and sweet.  She carries herself like a princess, very graceful and smooth.  








 Times with Kassie.....

Kassie's OffSpring:


Skylar of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU-Bred and owned by Lori Froderman 

Ripley of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU-Bred and owned by Lori Froderman 

Blossom of Promise Land-Bred and owned by Lori Froderman 


Violet of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU-Bred and owned by Lori Froderman 


Kassie's pedigree is stacked with champions from top to bottom including 

Father Side:

Grandfather-J.Ch.Pl. J.W.CL.Pl.,Ch.Pl,3x CACIB, 2x Res. CACIB HARDY ALWIN Golden Erinor (10/4/2000-)31x CWC, 15x BOB, 10xBOG

Great Grandfather-Lux./VDH./Ger./Dutch Ch. Ritzilyn Man About Town Brussels Winner 1999 (10/2/1993-7/20/2003)2 5 CAC''s - 11 RCAC''s - 1 BIG & 4 BIS - 1 UK RCC

Mother Side:

Granfather-JCh CZ, Ch CZ, Ch SK Gryffindor Junior the Best Baron "U" Jr Club Winner, Club Winner, National Winner  (1/22/2004-) 3CAJC, 15CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2res.CACIB, 10res.CAC and 


If you study Kassie's outstanding pedigree you will see that she has 19 Champions or award winners in four generations.  On Kassie's fathers side there are English, German,Irish ,Dutch and Polish Champions, while on her mothers side she has English, German and Dutch Champions.  



Puppies from Kassie's Previous Litters