Chloe of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU


Not forgotten


Chloe of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU

Penny retired her daughter.

Marley & Daisey granddaughter took over. 

AKC: SR53664802           DOB: Nov 18, 2008-2019


Heart: Normal OFA-GR-CA-18812/23F/C-VPI

Eye: Normal Normal last done at 5 years old. Retired

Hips:  PennHip 80% 891907,Excellent-OFA-Prelim

Elbows: Normal OFA-Prelim

Thyroid: Normal OFA-GR-TH1911/24F-VPI


Weight: 70lbs         Height: 21inches





Chloe is retired from the breeding program.  She has done a marvelous job and we are so proud to have her. You are welcome to meet her during your visit.  Chloe has "Excellent" hips, perfect elbows, eyes, heart and thyroid. She is in the top 10% of all Golden Retrievers tested which is amazing. Chloe has a stunning head set for a female.  Her coat is slightly creamy, blocky head and black points (her nose and eye rims are solid black).  Chloe's weight is 70 lbs and stands 21 inches.  She is from a low energy line and has a moderate frame.

Chloe is in our therapy program. She is a trained therapy dog and we hope many will enjoy her for years to come. I thank Jennifer Lyons our professional trainer for all her hard work and dedication in helping us fulfill our goals at Promise Land Golden's. ​


Chloe is always ready for love. She is now just our love bug.  Her daughters Riley, Falkore and Penny have carried on her lines. Falkore and Penny are trained therapy dogs. We are starting on third generation from Chloe. Her granddaughter Bailey Cream of Promise Land we hope will be in our next generation.

Chloes Offspring


Penny's Christmas Dream of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU-Bred and owned by Lori Froderman

Falkore of Promise Land CGC, CGCA- Bred by Lori Froderman and owned by Karrams- Retired

Lady Riley Holly Farm of Promise Land-Bred and owned by Lori Froderman



Bailey Cream of Promise Land-Bred and owned by Lori Froderman

Marley Love'n Life of Promise Land-Bred and owned by Lori Froderman

Chloe's pedigree is stacked with champions from top to bottom, including - V-WW'98, MultCh, DUCH, NUCH, VDHCH Blakesley Cromwell NV-95 NV-96 NORDV-97  (5/5/1993-)

- Eng. Ch. Xanthos Tom Foolery JW SGWC  (10/18/1998-) 5*C.C, 3*BOB, 2*res.C.C,Gundog Group Winn 

If you study Chloe's outstanding pedigree you will see that she has 23 champions or award winners behind her in the last four generations.  On Chloe's fathers side there are English,Irish and Dutch Champions, while on her mothers side she has a multitude of Austria Champions.  





Puppies from Chloe's Previous Litters