Promise Land Golden's 

Breeding Plans....

Promise Land Golden's puppies are sold mostly by reservation. There is a non-refundable $250 deposit. The reason for the pet agreement and a non refundable deposit is asked for it establishes between buyer and seller a agreement that the buyers are serious about buying the dog and will fulfill that agreement. We make decisions on the number of females we want to breed based the deposit request



We appreciate the patience given to us by our customers.


Promise Land Golden's does not place anyone on a specific litter until puppies are at least three weeks of age. We contact you in the order in which reservation contracts were received and let you know the process is beginning. Once we have gone down our reservation list and filled our customers contracts, additional available puppies, those without reservations, are posted for sale. 

Some of our dogs are in Guardian homes, this means they do not live with us year round. These dogs are family pets and have loving families they live with.  The mother will be with puppies until they are about 7 weeks. Due to covid we are doing an individual family visit at 7 weeks and pick up puppy at 8 weeks.  We will schedule each family separate that we are working with.

Our practice has changed and we are no longer doing general visits due to covid and the protection of our family and home.

Please contact for available puppies.

 Email for information

Note most of our breeding females have been bred by us and we have established lines up to fourth generation over 13 years of breeding. We due not purchase every dog we breed we have our own proven lines with good health developed over the years. 

We are not excepting more deposit customers for our Golden Retriever Litters. After puppies are born we will see if we have extra.


$250 Deposit (cash or check accepted for deposit )NON-Refundable

+ $3250.00 Final Payment  (CASH  as there is no time for the check to clear prior to receipt of puppy) = Total $3500 for the Goldens litters on this page.

We do not take Personal Checks or Venmo on the day of the pick up of the puppy.  

If you press on the dog name it will take you to the page with pictures, clearances, OFA and pedigree.
In July 2021 we will plan our fall winter puppy breeding's.