Promise Land Golden's 

Breeding Plans....

Promise Land Golden's puppies are sold mostly by reservation.

 There is a non-refundable $250 Deposit to be on our reservation list.


We appreciate the patience given to us by our customers.


Promise Land Golden's does not place anyone on a specific litter until the puppies have initial vet check.  We contact you in the order in which reservation contracts were received and let you know the process is beginning. Once we have gone down our reservation list and filled our customers contracts, additional available puppies, those without reservations, are posted for sale. 

Some of our dogs are in Guardian homes, this means they do not live with us year round. These dogs are family pets and have loving families they live with.  The mother will be with puppies until they are about 6 weeks. We will begin weekly visitations for the puppies around six weeks old. There play time schedule will be posted on the puppy page. 


Please Email with any questions:

We are not always there to answer the phone.

The cost varies with breeders the reason

why-the-surprising-economics-of-purchasing-a-purebred-puppy FORBES.

Cost : $250 Deposit NON-Refunable + $2750 Final Payment  CASH = Total 

Ltd Registration Puppies

To be bred



March-April  2020


Summer take home puppies

To be bred



Jan- Feb 2020


This  will be around June take home puppies.

To be bred

Chai will be finished in Feb 2020 


March-April  2020


Summer take home puppies

To Be bred



March-April  2020


Summer take home puppies

Clover & Dilan


We have just bred May take home puppies and will ultrasound the last week in Feb.

Please email for information.

 Cassidy and Dilan 

DOB Jan 20, 2020

Cost : $250 Deposit NON-Refunable + $2750 Final Payment CASH = Total 

Ltd Registration Puppies

These will be around March take home puppies

Tinker Bell of Promise Land - Dilan father

COI of 10- Generation COI  5.15%


Dam: Cassidy


Blossom of Promise Land CGC

DOB:  July 23, 2017

First Generation Female

Eye: Normal


Hips: Pennhip - 120548

R .55  /  L .56

OFA-GR-126590F24F-VPI - Fair

Elbows: Normal


Patella: Normal


Heart: Normal


Thyroid: Normal


Dentation: Full


Prcd-PRA: Clear


Pra1: Clear 


Pra2: Clear 


Degenerative Myelopathy:Clear


COI 10 Generation: 4.62 %

COI 12 Generation: 9.27 %

Ichthyosis: Carrier


Weight: 63 lbs        Height: 21 inches

Chic Qualified: 142196


Sir: Dilan

CH. Solid As A Rock Freedom At Swanavly CGC, CGCA, CGCU

DOB:  Jan 17, 2016


Eye: Normal - Jan 18, 2017

Hips: FCI A/A

PennHip: R.42 /  L.46


Elbows: FCI 0/0

OFA Left 0 / Right 1 Trauma

Patellas: Normal

GR-GR-PA 1494/26M/P-VPI 

Heart: Normal


Dentation: Normal


Thyroid: Normal


Prcd-PRA: Clear


Pra1: Carrier 

OFA-GR- GR1-845/22M-PI-CAR

Pra2: Clear

OFA-GR- GR2-670/22M-PI

Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear


COI 10 Generation: 13.32%

COI 12 Generation: 18.01%

Ichthyosis: Clear




Weight: 72 lbs    Height:  24 inches

Cassidy is a charming little lady with a lot of charisma. Her zest for life and spirited nature are fun to be around. She brings much amusement to your day combined with her loving nature.

She has a moderate bone structure and is moderate in size for the Golden Retriever. Cassidy has a gorgeous white coat and strong bold head set. She tends to be on the moderate energy side for golden retrievers.  

Father: JR CH Ukrainian Tramin Center of the Cyclone 3x J.CAC. UA, BOB, CGC, CGCA, CGU

Mother:  Kassie of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU - Retired

Half Sisters:

Skylar of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU - Therapy Dog-Breeder: Lori Froderman

Ripley of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU - Therapy Dog-Breeder: Lori Froderman

Rockin' Daisey Dukes of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU-Therapy Dog-Breeder: Lori Froderman

Marley Love'n Life of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU-Therapy Dog-Breeder: Lori Froderman


Violet of Promise Land CGC, CGCA, CGCU-Therapy Dog-Breeder: Lori Froderman

Cassidy's pedigree is stacked with Champions from top to bottom, including 


Father Side:

GrandFather - Int.Ch, Dt.Ch. PL Ch, German Winner, Slo Winner, B.B. King Oligarchia J. German Winner  (5/17/2012-) 

GreatGrandFather - JCh.& CH. Zampanzar Blue Note  (10/12/2010-)

GreatGrandFather - Remington Ringmaster 4CC's,1CACIB, 2BOB,1 BOG,1 RBIS (11/7/2002-10/24/2013)

Mother Side:

GreatGrandFather - JCh CZ, Ch CZ, Ch SK Gryffindor Junior the Best Baron "U" Junior Club Winner, Club Winner, National Winner (1/22/2004-)

3CAJC, 15CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2res.CACIB, 10res.CAC

GreatGrandFather - J.CH.PL.J.W.CL.PI.,CH.PL,3x CACIB, 2x Res. CACIB HARDY ALWIN Golden Erinor (10/4/2000-) 31x CWC, 15x BOB, 10xBOG 

If you study Cassidy's outstanding pedigree you will see that her pedigree holds 26 Champions and award winners in four generations. On Cassidy's father side there are Champions residing from the Ukraine, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden and Spain. While on his mother side there are Champions residing from the United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Netherlands and Holland.

What he is, what is beautiful about him, comes from deep within from an intensity, an honesty and gentleness.  Dilan's soul shines through giving him a angelic look.  His mild-mannered charm is a treasure with his fun-loving and sweet nature. He is a most devoted friend. Dilan has a sensitive soul with a gentle nature to all. 

Dilan is a moderate size Golden Retriever with a moderate energy level. Dilan has a stunning cream coat. 

Breeder: Lori Froderman

Dilans Daughter's:

Tinker Bell of Promise Land

Rikki Tikki Tavi of Promise Land

Father: German Club CH., German VDH CH. Rosegrove Let It Be Me

Bundesjugendsieger 2012 (6/14/2011-) 2JAC, 1 JresCAC 3CAC 2resCAC  

Mother: Swanavly Tangerine Dream (11/1/2013-)

Dilan pedigree is stacked with Champions from top to bottom, including

Father Side:

Grandfather:  Eng.Sh.Ch Shardanell Castaspell JW  (2/1/2003-)

Mother's Side:

Grandfather: Int.Ch.Srb.Ch, CroCH,Jun.CH,Club Winner '07 Nunsbrook Peregrine Falcon Qualified for Crufts for Life  (12/8/2004-)

Grandmother: Int Ch Ro Ch Qual Crufts for LIfe Swanavly Ray of Love  (5/3/2006-)

While energy levels vary from dog to dog, these puppies are expected to be a moderate energy level for the Golden Retriever. Their intelligence enables them to excel in obedience training. They are often trained and used as service dogs to the blind and disabled. Their friendly and affectionate personalities also make them ideal visitors for retirement homes and allow them to be effective therapy dogs.  The puppies are expect to be white or cream in color with dark pigmentation.